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COVID-19: Protection in the Worksite

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought dramatic change to nearly every sector of the national economy, including the homebuilding industry. Fortunately, residential construction, which employs millions of workers nationwide, is essential to the health of America’s economy, just as the homes we build are essential to the wellbeing of American families. Consequently, residential construction has been identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) as an essential industry during America’s response to the COVID‐19 pandemic. For more information on essential industry designations see: infrastructure-workforce

The unique character of our industry, with its open-space worksites, tightly controlled scheduling of crews and deliveries, and frequent demand for clos teamwork in construction tasks, creates challenges we must meet in order to deliver critically needed new housing while minimizing health risks to the builders, trades, suppliers and subcontractors who make up our workforce, and the consultants, inspectors and regulators who routinely visit our worksites.

Unquestionably, the current crisis demands additional safety procedures and new ways of approaching many aspects of our work. This course, COVID-19 Protection on the Worksite, draws together information from the industry, OSHA and CDC to provide Construction Managers and Superintendents with the tools they need to promote the social distancing and safe jobsite practices that will help limit the potential for the transmission of COVID-19 on homebuilding worksites.


  • This test is a reflection of COVID-19 standards as of (fixed date) and any results speak to baseline knowledge of industry information compiled from (list sources). 
  • Any passing score represents a reflection of a commendable demonstration of knowledge of (the sources) as of the time of the test
  • Test taker agrees and understands information provided can rapidly change as knowledge of COVID-19 increases and commits to seeking out and implementing the latest requirements local, state and federally required
  • Test taker agrees to implement all practices outlined by this course
  • BIASC in no way certifies this information will prevent contraction/spread/harm caused by COVID-19
  • This course, test and any acknowledgement of completion in no way creates assumption of liability
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